Prototype of HVAC equipments being supplied to M/s.Voith Siemens for
thier 3x150MW Baglihar stage I underground HE project
Fresh air unit Inspection agency
Motorised valves SS piping
Prefabricated ducting 1 Prefabricated ducting 2
Duct dampers Fire dampers
Dust Extraction System of 75,000m3/h supplied to Raiply Woods Pvt. Ltd. Kenya
for their various buffing machines


Dust extracion system of 16,000m3/h capacity supplied to M/s.Gaberial India Ltd., Parwanoo
for their melting furnance
Side view Front view

HVAC System supplied to M/s.Jai Prakash Industries Ltd., for thier 3x100MW underground
HE project at Baspa stage-II in himachal pradesh
Fresh air units Fresh air blowers
Package AC units Remote control panel
Hot water generators Ducting in control block
Fresh air filters Ducting in cable tunel

Pulse jet bag filters of 85,000m3/h & 8,500m3/h supplied to M/s.Comply Industies Ltd. ,
Kenya for thier chip board and block board plant
Front diagonal view-1
Front diagnoal view-2
Back diagonal view Assembly view at factory
Centrifugal blower1 Centrifugal blowers 2 & #
Back view at site Side assembly view at factory

Dust extraction system supplied to M/s.Roulunds Braking India Ltd.,
Sonepat for thier brake shoe lining plant
Bag filter1 Bag filter2

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